Career opportunities

Security company Ekskomisarų Biuras is continuously looking for professional and motivated specialists. We know that our strength is a reliable and always ready team for this reason we are looking for the best. We keep facing new challenges, therefore, if you know what your strengths are and wish to improve your weaknesses, we go the same way.

Our team continuously carries out employee motivation programme which enables us to create amicable relationship among our employees. We appreciate the work our employees do and take care of them. We provide our workers with opportunity to avail of life insurance. We organise training, seminars and qualification raising training on a regular basis as well as corporate parties which have become a tradition.  We hold the view that our employees work in those area where they can demonstrate their best character features and skills, we only have to keep them motivated.

If you are ambitious and responsible, Ekskomisarų Biuras is open for you.

You will find job announcements below where you will see what type of specialists we are currently looking for. If you find the position you are interested in, contact us and let’s start working together!

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us  ‒ we will gladly answer them!