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CCTV monitoring

CCTV monitoring

CCTV monitoring of territory or premises that you want to protect is one of the most effective security services provided by remote means, which ensures fluent response to all danger signals. By supervising your property at central supervision desk and using modern CCTV monitoring systems we create whole chain of professionally coordinated actions that help to detain offenders, i.e. to follow their actions and jointly coordinate work of whole security rapid response team.

CCTV monitoring chain: how does it function?

  • Central monitoring station (CMS) operator, when he observes the in-break features (or when they are identified by the camera), transmits all required information to armed security rapid response team;
  • After receiving danger signal the employee, which is currently working at the central desk will send professional armed security team of the rapid response unit;
  • After arriving to place professional armed security team under coordination of CMS operator detents the intruders.


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