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Physical protection

Physical protection

Physical protection is inevitable where immediate participation of a human is required. The modern information society seeks to provide individuals with as much comfort as possible, however, technology and equipment is not always capable to ensure  security. For this reason, Ekskomisarų Biuras will provide you with physical protection services in all types of situations.

Our team includes professional security specialists who know the criteria set for ensuring professional and reliable physical security. As our employees regularly raise their qualification, have long experience and have completed a number of trainings focused on the particulars of a specific environment, our service company can offer physical protection services which meet the highest standards. We were entrusted with the security of many shopping and business centres, we ensure the security of the Lithuanian and foreign celebrities and guarantee smooth organisation and holding of even the biggest events.

Object protection

We guarantee that the services of physical protection of objects provided by our service company will meet the highest quality standards as we apply modern technology and innovative solutions. Our workers are equipped with the required communication tools and weapons. We have accumulated considerable experience in ensuring the protection of the biggest Lithuanian businesses, shopping centres and industrial objects. We will, therefore, offer you an optimal security solution taking into consideration your preferences and having assessed the potential threats in a competent manner.            

Physical protection of people

Those who look for the most reliable team capable of ensuring physical protection of people, most frequently address our security company. Having considerable experience in working with famous Lithuanian and foreign persons as well as VIPs, we guarantee that our security services are reliable. Our workers are specially trained to protect VIPs, they are at all times ready to respond under critical conditions. We also provide the services of armoured physical protection of people or escort using different means of transport.

Event security

A particularly important aspect relevant to all event organisers is to ensure security of participants and guests of the event. Well-trained security workers of Ekskomisarų Biuras will ensure the protection and security of guests. We ensure continuous physical protection during big events in different cities of Lithuania and beyond its borders. We can offer the highest quality protection services and assign up to 500 security workers at a time.

Cash collection, protection of valuables, transportation

This type of physical protection is provided by specially and professionally trained security workers who specialise in the field of protection of material valuables. Cash collection and protection of valuables is ensures using special vehicles and other protection measures, such as cash collection bags, seals, accompanying documents and any other necessary documents.

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