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Trade mark protection

Trade mark protection

We provide trademark protection services. These services are used by every company which is concerned about the protection of their corporate or product brand. Security service Ekskomisarų Biuras has been working in this area for a number of years and has achieved superb results. Some manufacturers are not even aware of the extent of production of falsified goods. For this reason, they are incapable of resisting such phenomena and compete in the legal market.


When is trademark protection required?

An increasing number of smuggled goods reach Lithuania annually. Such goods are sold on the market and thus deprive the original producer of real income and part of its image. Trademark protection helps prevent counterfeit goods from entering the market and remove them in the event where they manage to reach the market.  If you care about your brand name, your international brand image and sustainable income, our specialists can ensure proper protection of your trademark. People working in our division of trademark protection are the experts of the area and have long experience in working with counterfeit products of different fields.

  • We cooperate with law enforcement authorities.
  • We collect important information required to take preventive actions.
  • We consult and give advice on trademark protection.
  • We withdraw the counterfeit distributed products from circulation in a legal manner.
  • We represent our clients’ interest in the court and other institutions.
  • We conduct analysis and ascertain the ways in which the counterfeit product reached Lithuania or other Baltic countries, we identify specific related persons.
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