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Debt recovery

Debt recovery

Do you know a feeling when you experience moral discomfort and even guilt trying to recover what belongs to you? Our aim is to take over the procedures and problems that are unpleasant as we deal with them using effective problem solving strategies. You will not have to take care of it; therefore you will have enough time for the pleasant activities.

Administration of promissory Notes

A promissory note is a negotiable instrument, wherein the issuer makes a promise in writing to pay in direct or indirect way a determinate sum of money to the payee at a fixed time. It is a simple and effective instrument for cash transferring regulated by the Law on promissory Notes.

According to the Law on promissory Notes we make selection of the valid notes issued to the Customer, administer validity terms, and call on the party that issued the note to pay a certain sum of money to the indicated person. If the note is not repaid on time, we help duly formalize opposing by the Customer according to the order provided in the Article 46 of the Law on promissory Notes.

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