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Property security

Property security

The winter season and its shorter days is the harvest time for thieves. Unprotected homes left empty for half of the day or even the entire day, waiting for their owners to come home, make an easy prey. Thus, in order to be sure that you’ll find your things where you left them at the end of the day, we can offer several solutions to meet your needs.

Response to dangers

This service is especially attractive for Clients, whose property or territory isn’t secured for 24 hours by security guards. 

Response to dangers service: How does it function?

  • Your home, apartment or commercial premises will be protected by installing there modern security system connected with central monitoring station (CMS), being on watch for 24 hours per day and working 7 days per week in the name of your safety;
  • After receiving danger signal the employee, which is currently working at the central desk will send professional armed security team of the rapid response unit;
  • After such security rapid response team comes to a place, which has sent the signal, it interrupts the attempt pointed against your property or health and property of your neighbours, i.e. immediately detains the offenders;
  • After property is checked and secured security team reports all information to CMS.
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