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Property security

Property security

The winter season and its shorter days is the harvest time for thieves. Unprotected homes left empty for half of the day or even the entire day, waiting for their owners to come home, make an easy prey. Thus, in order to be sure that you’ll find your things where you left them at the end of the day, we can offer several solutions to meet your needs.

SOS call

This service is flexible mean of protection of property, you and your family from all emerged dangers and threats. Such service ensures your possibility to attain help at any place, where you have mobile phone. Moreover, when you call for the help you can tell any address or locality, where professional “Ex-commissar bureau’s” team is required, or whilst signing contract you can register the address, to which special security rapid response team will be sent automatically, and save your own costly time.

For providing such service there is no use to equip any security system, because this service functions as follows:

  • By your phone you dial the number of “Ekskomisarų biuras” central monitoring station (CMS) being on watch on round the clock 7 days per week and indicate the address, to which armed security rapid response team ought to be sent. If you register the address in advance in the contract, the call received during danger automatically sends the team to indicated address;
  • CMS employee sends armed security rapid response team to your indicated address, where after arrival to place of event security rapid response team interrupts the attempt pointed against your property or your valued persons.
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