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Security systems

Security systems

Modern technology provides people with possibility to facilitate their daily life and household. Modern solutions can ensure people’s security and their privacy. Ekskomisarų Biuras offers its clients reliable and modern security systems enabling to ensure security of one’s home, company, and workplace. High quality and properly installed security systems can ease any of your daily activities.

Our company has installed security systems in a number of objects for over 10 years, for this reason security specialists are delighted with their performance results, namely, satisfied clients. Our loyal customers claim that security systems installed by can Ekskomisarų Biuro is the key to their success.

Security systems installation

Emergency alarm systems. It is a reliable way to ensure the security of objects without human intervention. Alarm systems are designed to protect objects, such as, homes, apartments, commercial premises, and factories. An alarm system can be installed in any type of object regardless of its size. An installed security system transmits signals to the central monitoring station (CMS) of Ekskomisarų Biuras. An operator immediately sends off a response team to the object so terminate infringement directed against the client’s property.

Fire alarm system. It is the best preventive measures to ensure fire security by using a reliable security system. We installed latest fire sensors/detectors which help record a potential source of fire. Not only the system can the system inform about the alarm, it also may open emergency exists, turn off ventilation systems and turn on fire extinguishing media.

Entrance control system. This tool helps ensure your privacy. Base on the pre-set criteria the system recognises and admits the entry to the premises by those persons only who meet corresponding criteria them. Criteria can be generated according to the time of the day, identity and other aspects. It is an effective security measures not only to secure personal privacy, it is particularly frequently installed in the institutions of confinement and other organisations which require careful supervision and monitoring

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