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This security solution is perfect for the protection of the entrance area of the building and three rooms of your choice.

We will install the security system, and the signals from it will be transmitted to the Monitoring and Control Centre. The signals transmitted by the object will be monitored on a 24/7 basis. If the system is actuated, we will immediately send a rapid response team.

PRICE EUR 30,00/month*

*The indicated monthly package price includes installation of the equipment, maintenance of the equipment for the entire term of the contract and the monitoring and rapid response service when a contract for 36 months is signed.

*The indicated monthly price of the package for natural persons includes VAT, while the indicated monthly price of the package for legal persons does not include VAT.

The security system package includes:

  • Wireless security system
    Easily installed and operated system, which is controlled by means of a wireless keyboard and the BE CALM mobile application. 220V power supply is required.
  • 3 wireless motion detectors
    Records motion in the protected room. Operating distance is 10 metres and operating angle is up to 87 degrees. Special technology enables reacting to the motion of animals weighing up to 18 kg. Operating distance is 35-70 metres from the control panel. The device has a battery-level indicator.
  • 1 wireless magnetic window/door detector
    Intended for monitoring doors, windows and other opening/closing mechanisms. Operating distance is 40-70 metres from the control panel. The device has a battery-level indicator.
  • 1 indoor siren
    In the case of an alarm, the system notifies the user and bystanders via audible signals. The audible signal also provides notification of the activation or deactivation of the security system.
  • 1 wireless LED keyboard
    Designated for activation/deactivation of the security system and control/configuration of the system. Its mobility allows the system to be installed in any place in the room which is most convenient to you, for the use of the security system.
  • GPRS transmitter with a SIM card
    Designated for the transmission of signals to the Monitoring and Control Centre. Communication services are included in the price.

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