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About us

“Ekskomisarų biuras” is the first and one of the largest security services in Lithuania, established in 1994, providing a full range of security services. Our many years of experience and the use of the most advanced technologies allow us to provide the highest quality services.

Our team consists of the most reliable specialists who are always ready to work and strive for the best results, ready to take care of your safety. We are entrusted with the security of residents from all over Lithuania, the majority of shopping and business centres. We take care of the peace of mind of Lithuanian and foreign stars, and we ensure the smooth running of major events.

We strive to continue to provide quality services that meet all expectations and to uphold the best traditions of Customer Service. Our goal is to keep pace with technological progress and respond to the changing criminogenic environment by offering modern, timely security services.

MISSION – To provide comprehensive, professional security services using advanced technology.

OBJECTIVE – to keep our customers, their property, and they’re business safe.

VISION – We strive to be the market leader in security services, to provide quality services that meet all our customer’s expectations, and to uphold the best traditions of customer service.

Our values


Our team

A team of more than 1,700 professional specialists and security guards who have been entrusted with well over 23,000 properties throughout Lithuania.

Particular attention is paid to the quality of our services – back in 2002, following an assessment of the company’s quality management system, “Ekskomisarų biuras” was the first security company in Lithuania awarded the international LST EN ISO 9001:2008 certificate. Our services are a guarantee of high quality.

Vytautas Labeckas

Chief Executive Officer

Arvidas Januška

Chief Operations Officer

Donatas Pocius

Director of electronic security department

Tomas Kazlauskas

Head of installation and maintenance of security systems

Tomas Žilinskas

Head of sales

Indrė Amankulovaitė

Head of Marketing

Sima Sabutienė

Head of HR

Rasa Prapiestytė

Head of Finance

Simonas Čiapas

Lawyer, Data Protection Officer

Andrius Žemaitis

Head of IT

Raimunda Januškienė

Leader of a training group

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