Electronic security for home and business

Video surveillance

Video surveillance is one of the most effective and advanced remote security services, allowing you to monitor what is happening in your facility or its territory from a distance and ensuring a smooth response to alarms.

Video surveillance not only helps to prevent theft at an early stage and fire hazards but also to control the work of personnel, processes, remote control, and automate access to the territory by installing systems for scanning car licence plates or facial recognition.

Video surveillance solution

  • “Ekskomisarų biuras” has the most advanced and technological Monitoring and Control Centre (MCC) in Lithuania, meeting the highest quality and business continuity standards, with qualified and experienced staff. We provide video surveillance services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout Lithuania (24/7).
  • We invest heavily in software and video analytics development, process automation and optimisation, and staff training, allowing us to offer quality video surveillance services for any size, purpose, and complexity at a reasonable price.
  • For remote video surveillance services, we can connect your existing cameras to the MCC, or we can design and install a video surveillance system that fully meets client needs and the specifics of your business.

We understand that in today’s multi-threat environment, security should be a key element of any home or business strategy.

We know how to use our experience, capabilities, and available video analytics algorithms to enhance the security of your home or business.


Observe yourself

Camera installation services

We will design the video surveillance system

We will install new cameras or upgrade existing ones

We will set up remote access and provide training

We will provide after-sales service

Video alarm

Reliable protection of sites of any size and complexity

We will tailor your needs according to the specifics of the site

We will select the security concept and algorithms

We will install and coordinate the necessary systems

Providing quality security services

Video patrol

Remote patrolling of facilities, at agreed intervals

We will identify your needs based on the specifics of the facility

We will select the frequency of patrols and the algorithms for screening

We will install new cameras or reconfigure your existing ones

We will virtually patrol your facility at an agreed frequency.

Video smart

Protection of objects using video analysis algorithms

We will select the most suitable video analysis modules

We will configure the algorithms for their operation

We will install and coordinate other necessary systems

We will monitor and control your facility according to the agreed instructions