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Video patrol

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Video patrol
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This is remote video surveillance carried out at agreed intervals by inspecting the territory and/or premises with video surveillance cameras, following agreed instructions and inspection algorithms, and responding to any irregularities detected.

This service can be likened to physical protection. A security guard makes a round of the premises (patrols) at a fixed frequency to check for any visible irregularities, gates closed/open, lights on/off, etc. In this case, such patrolling of the site is carried out virtually by means of cameras, following agreed instructions and procedures. In addition to virtual patrolling, the operator can control the facilities on-site, such as gates, doors, access control, or even lighting.


  • Installation of CCTV cameras / upgrading of existing systems;
  • Maintenance, after-sales service;
  • Remote (virtual) patrolling, at an agreed periodicity;
  • Remote management of the equipment;
  • Rapid response crew arrivals, termination of infringements;
  • Incident management and video reporting;
  • Remote access to live video and recordings archive of CCTV cameras;
  • Information stickers signs on video surveillance by the”Ekskomisarų biuras”. Professional advice and training on the use of the system.

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