Electronic security for home and business

Wireless security solution


Choose the most suitable security system package and use the security services without any charge for 1 month!

Professional, effective and quickly installed security solution with a monitoring and response service, which is perfect for the protection of different types of objects (a house, apartment, garden, garage, commercial premises and other buildings).

We will install the security system, and the signals from it will be transmitted to the Monitoring and Control Centre. The signals transmitted by the object will be monitored on a 24/7 basis. If the system is actuated, we will immediately send a rapid response team.

Quick method for protecting everything that matters!

Select wireless security system

AJAX  wireless security system

It is a modern design smart wireless security system, perfect for those who want to not only protect their premises with a quality system, but also appreciate the aesthetics of their environment White or black design can be chosen.

PARADOX  wireless security system

It is a more economical wireless security system solution, which is perfect for quality protection of various types of premises.