Training services

Training services

“Ekskomisarų biuras” is licensed by the police department to train security guards and persons wishing to acquire firearms for self-defence. Certificates of completion are issued to persons who have completed these training courses.

Training courses can be tailored to the specific needs of a particular client. Participants are provided with the theoretical and practical knowledge to help protect the company, personal, and property assets against potential threats. Advice is given on dealing with emergencies, criminal offences, blackmail, assaults, and other situations.

Practical seminars on combat self-defence, safe weapons handling, and practical shooting are organised.

Courses are organised in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, and Mažeikiai.

Training course on possession of firearms for self-defence

Participants are introduced to the types, categories, and principles of firearms operation. The legal and practical aspects of acquiring, possessing, carrying, and using firearms are covered. The knowledge gained during the training is consolidated during practical exercises at the shooting range of the Ekskomisarų biuras. Upon successful completion of the final examination, trainees shall receive a certificate of completion.

The duration of the course is 30 academic hours.
The cost of the course is 139 €.

Registration: or by phone +370 5 210 23 40

Security guard course

Students are trained according to the training program established by the State. This course is compulsory for anyone wishing to work or working in security. Upon completing the final exam, trainees receive a certificate of completion and can apply to the police for a security guard certificate.

The duration of the course is 68 academic hours.
The cost of the course is 100 €.

Registration: or by phone +370 5 210 23 40

Security guard refresher courses

“Ekskomisarų biuras organises special courses for security guards wishing to update their knowledge and improve their qualifications. These courses cover the legal foundations of security, the tactics of organising the protection of objects, persons, and goods, the actions of security guards in extreme circumstances, and the moral, ethical, and psychological requirements placed on them.
Courses can be organised according to the specific needs of the client.

Registration for the course by phone +370 5 210 23 40

Emergency management course

How much is your life worth? Should you give up the keys to your luxury car? Should you look your attacker in the eye? Are you sure you will know the correct answers to questions like these in an unusual situation? We don’t wish these situations on you. We want you to hold your destiny in your hands.
The training provides an overview of the criminogenic situation and the desired behaviour in emergencies (assault, robbery, fire, etc.).

Registration for the course by phone +370 5 210 23 40

Specialised seminars on topics relevant to the client

If you wish, we will gather all the information you need and prepare a comprehensive workshop on relevant safety topics. For example, document management and archiving, document forgery and identification, attack prevention, etc.

For more information call +370 5 210 23 40