Physical protection

Periodic maintenance of premises

Periodic inspection of facilities

Periodic inspection (patrolling) is an effective way to deter thieves from your property. It’s no secret that burglars tend to inspect and assess the situation before attacking and robbing homes, offices, warehouses, or other facilities. Still, if they see that security guards are constantly checking the facility, they may abandon this plan.

Patrols can be carried out regularly, and a response team can be deployed to keep an eye on your property. Regular inspections can be carried out at the time and frequency of your choice – night, day, weekends, or public holidays.

The Rapid Response Crews are staffed by highly qualified security guards, whose physical and psychological training is given special attention. We pay particular attention to the individual needs of our clients, which is why we provide professional security advice. This security package best suits your expectations and excellent value for money.

We use an innovative, purpose-built Smart security software to monitor physical protection functions and work processes:

  • Tasks are individually created for each facility and timetabled by day and time.
  • The completion of the tasks and the results are recorded according to the set schedule.
  • Comments are recorded as tasks are completed, and photos are added.
  • Client’s responsible persons receive real-time notifications by email after events and tasks are completed.
  • The software records the date and time of key issue/return, date and time of entry/exit of persons and vehicles.
  • The SOS (Danger push-button) function is integrated into the software.

In today’s technological world, not all tasks can be entrusted to electronic security systems alone: physical protection is not substitutable wherever a direct human presence is required. “Ekskomisarų biuras” security service offers physical protection services for all occasions.

Thanks to regular staff development, years of experience and training focused on the specifics of the work environment, and the use of the latest technology, we can offer physical protection services that meet the highest standards.