Installation of security systems

Installation of security systems

Installation of “Ekskomisarų biuras” security systems is the key to your security.

Are you going on a long trip and leaving your home unattended? Or do you have expensive equipment in your office that you don’t want to lose? If you don’t want to risk your well-being, if you want to have complete peace of mind about the security of your home and your possessions, it’s worth thinking about installing a professional security system. Modern security systems can ensure your safety and privacy and make your everyday life easier. “Ekskomisarų biuras” offers its customers reliable, certified, and advanced security systems to ensure the safety of your property. Not sure which security system you need? Our specialists have been working in this field for many years. They will provide professional and useful consultations to answer all your questions and install professional security systems to meet your needs.

Alarm systems

This is a reliable method of ensuring the safety of objects without human intervention. Alarm systems are designed to protect objects such as houses, apartments, commercial premises, factories. A security system can be installed in any facility, regardless of its size. Alarms can be wired or wireless.

Wired alarms are the traditional choice and are usually installed in new construction or renovation. All alarm components are wired together.
Wireless alarms are an excellent means of protecting premises that have already been renovated or where wiring is not available or simply not wanted. All alarm components operate wirelessly.

Video camera systems

CCTV systems are installed in both small and large premises, grounds, shops, and residential homes. We install cameras that make monitoring both individual and the overall image convenient and easy. We can offer our customers the highest quality surveillance cameras that meet security standards. Which CCTV cameras will best meet your expectations? Where and how should surveillance cameras be installed? What are the best surveillance cameras? All these questions and many more will be answered by our professional and experienced security specialists, who have been installing CCTV cameras and taking care of your security for years. With a complete security solution, where a security system is installed and connected to our monitoring and control centre, and CCTV cameras are installed, you can ensure the security of your premises 24 hours a day and identify the intruder in case of an incident. Rest assured for yourself, your family, and your property.

Fire alarm systems

The best preventive measure against fire is a reliable fire detection and alarm system. We install the latest generation of fire detection and alarm systems that detect the potential source of the threat. The system not only alerts you to the danger with a signal but can also open emergency exits, shut down ventilation systems and activate fire extinguishers.

Entrance control systems

This security measure ensures your privacy. Based on predefined criteria, the system identifies and admits only those who meet them. Criteria can be generated based on time of day, identity, and other criteria. It is an effective security measure not only to protect personal privacy but also to ensure safety and is particularly often installed in prisons and other institutions requiring supervision.