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Mobile security solutions

Mobile security solutions

Mobile security solution is a mobile wireless video security system that is designed to protect stationary, migrating, temporary, remote and/or non-electrified facilities, without an additional investment in the infrastructure of the security system.


The solution is appropriate for:

  • Construction sites
  • Stationary fenced and passable areas
  • Temporary and/or migrating facilities
  • Protection of heavy-duty specialised machinery
  • Abandoned and/or remote facilities
  • Graffiti prevention

We have several types of mobile security solutions available. As a result, we can assemble and offer equipment that fully meets the specific needs of the facility and the customer’s expectations.

We offer not only equipment, but also a complete package of services. This includes the installation and/or relocation of the security system, rental for a specified period, ensuring uninterrupted operations (monitoring and battery replacement) and a 24/7 response to any detected violations.



  • Operates without electricity
  • Security here and now – with the possibility to start providing services within 2-3 hours
  • Prompt transfer or adaptation of the system, according to changes in the facility
  • Possibility to monitor a live image from the facility or an image recorded at the time of an event
  • Possibility to automate the facility’s security schedule, according to the specified times
  • Effective elimination of false alarms with the use of artificial intelligence algorithms
  • Control using a mobile application