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Perimeter security with video surveillance.

This is a combined solution for the protection of the territory, where the perimeter alarm system is duplicated by video cameras. When a perimeter alarm is triggered, the operators of the monitoring and control center review the image of the facility’s cameras at the point of triggering to determine whether the triggering is false or whether there are visible signs of perimeter damage.

The operator processing the received alarm has the opportunity not only to inspect the location of the trigger but also to compare what the cameras were showing at the time of the alarm to see if a rapid response crew is required.

This not only avoids unnecessary trips to the site due to false perimeter alarms but also means that if one of the systems is not working, e.g., the perimeter alarm has failed, the site can be secured by cameras, and vice versa.


  • Installation of cameras and perimeter alarms/upgrade of existing systems;
  • Maintenance, after-sales service, and repairs;
  • Remote video monitoring in the event of an alarm activation;
  • Rapid response crew arrivals, termination of breaches;
  • Incident management and video reporting;
  • Remote access to live video and recordings archive of CCTV cameras;
  • Information stickers, signs on video surveillance by the “Ekskomisarų biuras”.
  • Professional advice and training on the use of the systems.