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Video smart
Intelligent remote video surveillance using advanced video analytics software and response to irregularities.

Video security solutions are suitable for the protection of various areas where it is not possible to install perimeter alarms or where more sophisticated and/or non-standard security solutions are required. The service is provided using advanced video analytics modules such as identification of objects by attribute, e.g., person, car, truck, bicycle, train, suitcase, ship, etc., face recognition, people counting, intrusion detection, virtual line crossing, etc. Our use of video analytics and flexible programmable event response algorithms allows us to simulate a wide range of CCTV scenarios and responses to intrusions. The operator not only receives targeted alarms based on a predefined scenario and predefined attributes but can also remotely control on-site devices such as gates, doors, access control, or even lighting.


  • Installation of CCTV cameras / upgrade of the existing system;
  • Maintenance, after-sales service, and repairs;
  • Configuration of video analysis parameters, calibration of motion detection, depending on the specifics of the object;
  • Remote video surveillance, after motion, has been detected in the protected area, according to defined parameters;
  • Remote control of equipment;
  • Arrivals of rapid response crews, termination of breaches;
  • Incident management and video reporting;
  • Remote access to live video and recordings archive of CCTV cameras;
  • Backup of the archive of recordings;
  • Information stickers signs on video surveillance by the “Ekskomisarų biuras”
  • Professional advice and training on the use of the system.

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