Mobile security solutions

Suitcase 3

Suitcase 1
Suitcase 2
Suitcase 3

Suitcase 3

Security suitcase with:

  • Controlled video camera
  • Solar panel
  • Wind turbine
  • Wireless motion sensors (can be attached with magnetic mounts).

For object protection when:

  • No permanent security system is installed
  • No CCTV system is installed
  • No power supply


  • Possibility to start the service within 2-3 hours.
  • Quick relocation or adaptation of the system to changes in the facility
  • Monitoring and control of the security system with the BŪK RAMUS app
  • Possibility to monitor video cameras

The security system uses solar energy. Inside, there are batteries that are connected to the solar panel, so it can protect your property throughout the construction period.

When individual sensors are triggered, a message is immediately transmitted to the security service’s monitoring and control centre, where security experts assess the situation to see if there is a potential danger on site and, if a breach is identified, an armed response team is immediately dispatched.


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