Electronic security for home and business

Response to security system alarms

Protection of housing and other facilities

We provide 24/7 protection for objects connected to the Monitoring and Control Centre (MCC) and instant response to alarms received from your facility’s security system. This service is designed to ensure the object protection (house, apartment, commercial premises, etc.), territory, or another facility at a minimal cost. When your security system is alarmed, we instantly receive an alarm signal in our Monitoring and Control Centre (MCC) and immediately dispatch an armed Rapid Response Team to interrupt an attack on you or your property and apprehend the offenders.

Danger – push button

It is a highly dynamic, versatile, and easy-to-use security system for public and private facilities such as houses, apartments, townhouses, educational institutions, or commercial premises. It provides an extremely rapid response to threats to property and people’s health or life. When the danger – push button is pressed, information is instantly transmitted to the monitoring and control center of “Ekskomisarų biuras” which immediately dispatches an armed rapid response team to the scene.

SOS call

“The SOS Call” service is a flexible way to protect your loved ones and yourself from threats and dangers. It ensures that you can get help wherever you have your mobile phone with you.

We will contact you within 24 hours on working days.


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    Choose the most suitable security system package and use the security services without any charge for 1 month!

    Professional, effective and quickly installed security solution with a monitoring and response service, which is perfect for the protection of different types of objects (a house, apartment, garden, garage, commercial premises and other buildings).

    We will install the security system, and the signals from it will be transmitted to the Monitoring and Control Centre. The signals transmitted by the object will be monitored on a 24/7 basis. If the system is actuated, we will immediately send a rapid response team.

    Quick method for protecting everything that matters!

    Select wireless security system

    AJAX  wireless security system

    It is a modern design smart wireless security system, perfect for those who want to not only protect their premises with a quality system, but also appreciate the aesthetics of their environment White or black design can be chosen.

    PARADOX  wireless security system

    It is a more economical wireless security system solution, which is perfect for quality protection of various types of premises.

    Video surveillance is one of the most effective and advanced remote security services, allowing you to monitor what is happening in your facility or its territory from a distance and ensuring a smooth response to alarms.

    Video surveillance not only helps to prevent theft at an early stage and fire hazards but also to control the work of personnel, processes, remote control, and automate access to the territory by installing systems for scanning car licence plates or facial recognition.

    Video surveillance solution

    • “Ekskomisarų biuras” has the most advanced and technological Monitoring and Control Centre (MCC) in Lithuania, meeting the highest quality and business continuity standards, with qualified and experienced staff. We provide video surveillance services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout Lithuania (24/7).
    • We invest heavily in software and video analytics development, process automation and optimisation, and staff training, allowing us to offer quality video surveillance services for any size, purpose, and complexity at a reasonable price.
    • For remote video surveillance services, we can connect your existing cameras to the MCC, or we can design and install a video surveillance system that fully meets client needs and the specifics of your business.

    We understand that in today’s multi-threat environment, security should be a key element of any home or business strategy.

    We know how to use our experience, capabilities, and available video analytics algorithms to enhance the security of your home or business.


    Observe yourself

    Camera installation services

    We will design the video surveillance system

    We will install new cameras or upgrade existing ones

    We will set up remote access and provide training

    We will provide after-sales service

    Video alarm

    Reliable protection of sites of any size and complexity

    We will tailor your needs according to the specifics of the site

    We will select the security concept and algorithms

    We will install and coordinate the necessary systems

    Providing quality security services

    Video patrol

    Remote patrolling of facilities, at agreed intervals

    We will identify your needs based on the specifics of the facility

    We will select the frequency of patrols and the algorithms for screening

    We will install new cameras or reconfigure your existing ones

    We will virtually patrol your facility at an agreed frequency.

    Video smart

    Protection of objects using video analysis algorithms

    We will select the most suitable video analysis modules

    We will configure the algorithms for their operation

    We will install and coordinate other necessary systems

    We will monitor and control your facility according to the agreed instructions

    Mobile security solutions

    Mobile security solution is a mobile wireless video security system that is designed to protect stationary, migrating, temporary, remote and/or non-electrified facilities, without an additional investment in the infrastructure of the security system.


    The solution is appropriate for:

    • Construction sites
    • Stationary fenced and passable areas
    • Temporary and/or migrating facilities
    • Protection of heavy-duty specialised machinery
    • Abandoned and/or remote facilities
    • Graffiti prevention

    We have several types of mobile security solutions available. As a result, we can assemble and offer equipment that fully meets the specific needs of the facility and the customer’s expectations.

    We offer not only equipment, but also a complete package of services. This includes the installation and/or relocation of the security system, rental for a specified period, ensuring uninterrupted operations (monitoring and battery replacement) and a 24/7 response to any detected violations.



    • Operates without electricity
    • Security here and now – with the possibility to start providing services within 2-3 hours
    • Prompt transfer or adaptation of the system, according to changes in the facility
    • Possibility to monitor a live image from the facility or an image recorded at the time of an event
    • Possibility to automate the facility’s security schedule, according to the specified times
    • Effective elimination of false alarms with the use of artificial intelligence algorithms
    • Control using a mobile application

    Autonomous drone security

    Modern autonomous drone docking station and drone with an integrated AI software, designed for protection of large areas.

    From the moment of activating the perimeter alarm of the object’s territory or according to prearranged schedule, the drone takes off and films, analyses and archives videos with a thermal imaging camera during flights. Therefore, protecting large areas extremely efficiently. The autonomous drone flies around, seeing and capturing everything even in difficult to reach areas. When a suspicious activity, intruders or theft are observed, a rapid response team is dispatched immediately.

    At the end of the mission (flight), the drone returns to its docking station, where the batteries are autonomously replaced, so the drone is ready for flight again, thus ensuring uninterrupted protection 24/7.

    Applicability of drone security:

    • Patrolling large areas.
    • Protection of construction sites.
    • Protection of solar parks and inspection of power plants.

    Advantages of drone protection: